Massage Services

Our professional team of masseurs are extensively trained in the art of massage and use their expertise to customize each massage session to the unique needs of our clients.
From a relaxing Swedish massage to a deep-tissue treatment, our range of services cater to a wide range of needs.


Oasis Massage offers the comforting and relaxing technique of hot stone massage to our clients. Warm stones are placed strategically along your body, enabling maximum penetration of pain relief for your sore and stiff muscles. This technique, commonly used in Chinese massage, is optimal when your muscles are rigid and stressed and delivers complete tension relief. We incorporate organic oils into all our massages. If hot stone massage sounds like the massage your body needs, call Oasis Massage today!


Enjoy a unique, intimate experience with your special someone by getting a soothing couples massage at Oasis Massage. This service, customized for you and your partner, is given to you side by side while receiving the benefits of the massage of your choice, complete with a relaxing ambiance and high-quality organic oils. To share this beautiful experience with your loved one, please contact Oasis Massage, the best massage parlor in Hillsboro, OR!


Experience ultimate relaxation at Oasis Massage, where our focus is on delivering exceptional full body massage services to our clients. We believe in the power of massage to rejuvenate not just the body but the mind and spirit as well. With an extensive range of treatments, we specialize in techniques like Chinese massage. This ancient therapy, deeply rooted in traditional Chinese medicinal practices, works on your pressure points to relieve stress and improve overall wellness. Additionally, we understand the joy of shared relaxation, which is why we offer couples massages. It's the perfect way for you and your partner to unwind together, strengthening your bond while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of massage. At Oasis Massage, every session is a journey towards a healthier, more relaxed you. Contact Oasis Massage today!